As a coder by hobby and trade, with over fifteen years of web GUI experience, I keep abreast of the latest technologies in software development to enhance the quality of software that I write.


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Advanced Mobile Development Certificate

Operating Systems

Android, iOS, OS X, Windows

Programming Languages

.Net Web API, ASP.Net, Bootstrap, C#, CSS, Core Data, HTML, JDK, JSON, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, LESS, MVC, Objective-C, Prototype, Razor, SQL, Swift, TypeScript, Web Services, XML, XSLT

Application Software

Eclipse, Genesys 8, MS Office Suite, MS SQL Manager, MS SQL Server, MS Visual Studio.Net, Maven, MySQL, SQLite, Tomcat, Visual Studio Code, XCode

Performance Technology Partners, LLC.

Dec 2014 - present

Develop a unified look and feel across web applications using jQuery and Bootstrap
Develop or assist in development of various web applications
Call Display, DPA Display, IVR Dashboard, IVR Tag, KPI Builder, Mock Services

Natoma Technologies, Inc.

October 2013 - November 2014

Consultant for the California Earthquake Authority (CEA)
Production support for Nevada Healthcare Benefits Exchange
Upgraded older Visual Studio / .Net projects to .Net 4.5 and VS 2013

TEK Systems

April 2013 - September 2013

Contractor at Natoma Technologies, Inc.
Development for Nevada Healthcare Benefits Exchange

Veterinary Information Network

February 2009 - April 2013

Developed new requirements and bug fixes for 3 ASP.Net web applications
Provided input on tasks and technologies
Created customized JS libraries for use in various apps
Other tasks performed

LJT & Associates

June 2004 - December 2008

Created and fixed bugs for 5 ASP.Net web applications
Managed and enhanced common libraries for 5 ASP.Net web
Implemented interface changes to enhance usability
Troubleshot application issues and problems
Traveled with project managers to meet with customers and discuss new projects and demo prototypes

USAF Montgomery, AL

2000 - May 2004

Converted web application from Oracle 9i to MS SQL Server 2000
Assisted in updating of web based portal using HTML / DHTML pages served by Java servlets and JSPs

Currently, and for several years, I have been working in web development. I have used my extensive client-side web skill-set (HTML5, CSS, JS, TypeScript) to develop projects for the web that behave as though they were native applications.

Beyond that, I have been expanding my knowledge and skill with jQuery and Bootstrap by developing my own extension libraries to add even more functionality. Having moved back into a Java environment after years of .Net, I have been quickly improving my Java, Spring MVC, Thymeleaf, and Eclipse skills.

While working on contract at Natoma Technologies, I used the MVC framework, including FluentValidation and Razor. Additionally I became familiar with Automapper to support transferring objects from one library to another. As the resident JavaScript expert in the organization, I created and gave lessons on JavaScript to other employees that were new to front-end web development.

In addition to simply building web/js applications, I also put a lot of effort into bringing a previous company's (VIN: Veterinary Information Network) knowledge of JavaScript usage (via Prototype, Scriptaculous, and my own JS libraries built on them) leaps and bounds ahead of what it was when I began working for them. I enjoyed the challenge of converting all of my custom JavaScript libraries from Prototype to a neutral style that supports jQuery, as well as standing alone. Likewise, I brought a unified look and feel to the web applications of PTP through the use of Thymeleaf templates utilizing jQuery and Bootstrap.

Prior to my work at VIN, I began my career in software in 2000 when I joined the Air Force; there, I received training in numerous aspects of the field in seminars, classes, and online. My background in ASP, SQL, and Java/JSP secured a position in which I was able to learn Oracle, MS SQL Server, XML, C# and the .Net framework. After leaving the Air Force, I obtained a position with LJT & Associates where I utilized my past experience in web design while continuing to learn, advance, and broaden my skillset.

Outside of the office, as a tech junkie, hobbyist, and gamer, I taught myself Objective-C, and delved into the iOS aspect of the language. I am determined to develop killer apps to help myself and my friends with our gaming hobbies. I have a developer license for Apple products, and continue to become more knowledgeable in the environment and the evolving Swift language.

In the first half of 2016, I completed my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from University of Phoenix. I chose the path that included the Advanced Mobile Development Certificate as I enjoy working with mobile devices as much as I enjoy working with web applications.